The demand for comfort and versatility in the management of heating, lighting and access control systems for a family home as well as an office complex is growing. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. People want a comfortable, sustainable and safe place to live and work and that's where automation jumps in.

However, more convenience and safety together with lower energy consumption can only be achieved by intelligent control and monitoring of all products involved. This is a true challenge as it implies more wiring, running from the sensors and actuators to the control and monitoring centers. For professionals, such a mass of wiring also means higher design and installation efforts. That's where KNX jumps in!
Automation doesn't have to be difficult. It simply requires a system that does away with the problems of isolated devices by ensuring that all components communicate via one common language. The kind of device you want to use doesn't matter anymore.

Whether you want to control lighting, shutters, security systems, energy management, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, signaling and monitoring systems, interfaces to service and building control systems, remote control, audio and video control, ... All these functions work via an uniform system. This is KNX.



As innovative home automation ABB-free@home® offers an endless number of possibilities for creative design.

This allows the home to be equipped in line with endless personal concepts and preferences. Both today and in the future.

Twice as easy – for commissioning and configuration
ABB-free@home® combines all the useful functions of comfortable home automation and door communication into a single system that is easy to understand and operate.

Commissioning is particularly fast and saves valuable working hours.

Total networking
ABB-free@home® transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning, door communication or home appliances – comfort, safety and efficiency can finally be controlled intuitively. Via a switch on the wall, via voice-control or remotely with a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

Also all functions in the house can be managed automatically – according to schedule, sun set or sun rise, temperature and the presence of people – or be called up at the touch of a button. And here, every combination of the various functions is possible.